Сборники death row на касетах, аудиокнига генерал адмирал 2 на переломе веков

Apr 10, 2017 Texas death-row inmate Rodney Reed - a black American man convicted in a racially charged trial - has lived under the threat of execution for. Apr 5, 2017 While four other inmates on death row have been denied clemency in recent weeks, the parole board showed mercy for Jason McGehee, who. Apr 20, 2017 The Arkansas Supreme Court has said it won't reconsider its decision to halt the execution of Stacey Johnson.

Apr 18, 2017 Mr. Braden, other lawyers and a small group of allies — polling suggests more than two-thirds of Arkansas residents favor the death penalty for. Apr 15, 2017 Before state and federal courts intervened, eight men were scheduled to be executed in Arkansas over 11 days. Who are they and what are.

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