Vray материал вельвет: увеличение размера видео без потери качества

A high quality red velvet Vray Material for 3Ds Max and high resolution seamless texture map. Part of our Vray Fabric Download Collection. Velvet fabrics need some special shader setups to look realistic. Since these effects are caused by thousands of fibers reflecting the light in different ways, it's not. Learn how to create a velvet or suede finish using Vray and Mental Sep 4, 2006 diego1280 rated this material with 10 Points dacarel wrote: I have an Imac and Cinema 4D R16. Is it posible download vray materials from yor.

Следующий урок работает как для V-Ray и Mental Ray. Одним из 1- Откройте редактор материалов (М), перейдите в слот “Diffuse”. Создание. This materials are plastic, wood, chromed metal, glass, metallic paint, water and velvet. We will use VRay, but this tutorial can be followed by another render. Dec 4, 2012 . Jamie Cardoso explains how to create a velvet like shader in both Mental Ray and V-Ray, providing some settings and steps

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